Hall of Devotion


Last Updated: 1/3/2018

Click to read the OFFICIAL RULES!!!


An ongoing tally, those who Tribute a significant amount will find themselves honored with a Medal Badge corresponding to the 3rd, 2nd, or 1st Place position they hold in the Hall of Devotion, for as long as they can hold onto their slot: gold


Feel free to specify if you want an alias/ moniker. If not, whatever name you give/ is your screen name will be used and/ or abbreviated and/ or a moniker will be provided for you which may or may not reflect your kinks, fetishes, or (un)desirable attributes.


xx (“double x”) = 7.5 points Received (May/ June/ July ’17)
“bloody” thing! = 4.5 points Received (Aug/ Sept/ Oct ’17)

(JAN 2018)

First tribute of the month ALWAYS gets a Special Mention on the show, as do Wishlist Gifts!


hm: 1 pt [2 min]


latex glad: 2 pts

hypnosand: 1 pt

thing!: 1.5 pts

submz: 0.245 pt


Vy for the chance to be publicly recognized on Goddess Moxie’s Tribute Show E(M)_Press Me!!

Current Tribute Options Include:

FAQ for Skeptics:

What’s the Point of Financial Domination?

Tributes are a common tool in certain kinds of D/s dynamics, and can be used to:

  • Make Retribution to the Domina for Past/ Current/ Future Transgressions
  • Give the Immeasurable Gift of Free Time for Personal Growth, Pleasure-Divulging, or Community Building
  • Free the s-type from the Burden of Choice by Handing the Power of Choice Over to the Domme
  • Empower the Domme with Greater Financial Security by Providing (Access to) Items Considered Long-Term Investments
  • Introduce, Reinforce, and Solidify the Nature of the Power Exchange Between the Domina and s-type
  • Give Proof of Validity/ Ability/ Worshipfulness of the Domina
  • Encourage Other s-types to Begin Worshipping a MagicalGoddess
  • Direct the Domme’s Attention to the s-types Sincerely Devoted to Her
  • Foster a Healthy Sense of Friendly Competition Between s-types
  • Encourage the Financial Stability of the s-type by Giving a Goal for which to Strive
  • Enact a Long-Held Fantasy Scenario for Both Parties
  • Test the Obedience of a Potential s-type

How Does Tributing Test Obedience?

When determining obedience via Financial Domination, Miss MokZ will ask Herself:

  • Did you get permission first?
  • Were you ready to tribute the moment permission was given?
  • If you offered to buy a gift, did you get what I asked the way I asked for it?
  • If you offer to tribute, are you willing to take the precious minutes out of your jack-off time required to register for the preferred money-sending services, up to and including calling customer service on the phone?
  • Compared to others who have sent tribute in the past, how serious are you about following The Rules? Have you taken the time to read them?
*All-Time Refers to April ’15 to Present. For Miss Moxie’s Pre-Venture into the Financial Fetish, check out this post about Her first financial submissive (before She even knew FinDom could be a Fetish).
**Note: Does not include PPM Tributes – chunks only.


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