E(M)_Press Me Rules – UPDATED

How Does ‘E(M)_Press Me’ Work?!

That’s Easy!! E(M)_Press Me is a show on YouTube devoted to the idea of Financial submission – yours. The devotee who sends the most Tribute in the shortest amount of time wins the game. Tributes are converted to a Point System (1 Point = $100), and the more points you get, the more likely you are to end up in the Monthly Top 3!!

tl;dr: The more you send, the more you… well…

How does one Tribute a MagicalGoddess?

There are several different methods of Tribute – the most Universal way is to Call My Niteflirt FinDom Line (when available), which charges $49.99 (0.5 pts) per minute. If Niteflirt is not your style, if you’d rather use a direct payment service or P.O. Box, Contact Me for details.

Current Tribute Options Include:


There are Four Quarters in a Year – because the concept of E(M)_Press Me is based around Miss MokZ, we start in May, Her Birth Month!!

Each Month’s Top 3 Tributes are qualified to become the Quarterly Champion – the more months you win, the more likely you are to have sent the most out of the last three months.

The Winner of the All-Quarterly Championship will then be known as Aphenophiliac of the Year for said ‘MagicalFiscal Year’ (May – April).

But, What If There’s a Tie?

Any ties (whether at the Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Competition Level) will be broken based on monetary value, speed of arrival, and sentimental value of gifts received.

If neither devotee has tributed physical gifts, there will be a 5-Day Extension Period, during which both parties basically bribe the Holy Heartthrob out of Miss MokZ – tributes are only counted if they are received within the 5 Days.

tribute and card from probie ghoul’s house cleaning – 9/8/17

What Do I Win?

Well, that depends on what level you’re at – those who get in the Top 3 for the Monthly Challenge automatically get a mention in the Quarterly E(M)_Press Me Video, as well as the ability to keep track of their place in the running on the Hall of Devotion page during the month they Tribute.

Remember — only those tributes (not just devotees) in the Top 3 for each month are considered for the Quarterly Challenge.

Doesn’t matter if you Tribute more this month than the winner of last month, if you’re the 4th Tribute, you’re out of luck – make sure you’re making a plan to Tribute for multiple months at a time, and have some extra to play with, in case your spot gets taken over by another devotee.

Winners of Quarterly Challenges can receive various prizes and prize combinations, including but not limited to:

  • Said Achievement Publicly Archived in the Hall of Devotion for 1 Year
  • Custom Audio/ Video Content (Varying Lengths Determined By Previous Quarter)
  • Signed Merchandise (Posters, T-Shirts, etc.)
  • Limited Edition Items (TOP SECRET)
  • Live Streaming Audio/ Video Credit (15 Minutes of Video or 25 Minutes of Audio)
  • …and much, much more!!

Winners of the Yearly Challenge may receive any and all of the above, including:

  • Said Achievement Publicly Archived in the Hall of Devotion Indefinitely
  • Live Streaming Audio/ Video Credit (Two 30-Minute Video or Three 30-Minute Audio Sessions)

Click to Go to the Hall of Devotion


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